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Meet the Dentist

Dr. Ahmed Kabir has the entire outstanding career in education. He did his Bachelor in dentistry in 1987 from Nishtar Medical College Multan and served in Pakistan institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad for a period of six years where his primary focus was on general dentistry, oral surgery and children dentistry. He also took care of all the outdoor and indoor patients undergone the oral and maxillofacial surgery. Beside his hospital duties he was also teaching and training to the dental hygienists in the College of Medical Technology PIMS.

In 1994-96 he completed a diploma program in orthodontics from Kings College London.

He did a certificate course of implant dentistry for one year from Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry in collaboration with the International Institute of replacement therapy USA. A comprehensive training program for bone grafting, membrane placement, sinus lift, nerve repositioning and osteodistraction.

He did another certificate course of the implant dentistry from Marmara University Istanbul Turkey.

He did h20150815_192359is MSc “Master of laser in dentistry” from RWTH university of Aachen Germany. He is also awarded European Master Degree in oral laser applications (EMDOLA). He is the first Pakistani dentist who did his master degree in this specialty and in this way he is the pioneer to introduce the laser dentistry in Pakistan. His research is in Low Level Laser Therapy, a new kind of treatment for pain management and to accelerate healing in human body.

He did a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Laser Therapy for musculo-skeletal  pain and wound healing from  Australian institute of laser therapy Melbourne, Australia in 2010

During his stay in USA he did a certificate course of Clinical Research Monitor from Kriger International Training Center USA. This course gave him a complete knowledge of FDA requirements and guidelines for the acceptance of new surgical instruments, surgical procedures and drugs.

He has attended many workshops, training programs and seminars in all the disciplines of dentistry in Pakistan and abroad. He is a member of academy of laser dentistry USA and member of the world federation of laser dentistry. He is also a research fellow of Aachen university Germany.

Dr Ahmed Kabir’s training in orthodontics general dentistry and laser dentistry made his practice one of the unique style practice where all the latest techniques are offered.

It is twenty years now that he is doing the fixed braces treatment to the patients. He has completed a couple of thousand cases with the fixed braces in Islamabad and time has come when the mothers who got the braces at their young age from him bring their children for the braces to their very special dentist.

Being the pioneer of laser dentistry in Pakistan he introduced the new procedures of doing root canal treatment with laser and non-surgical  gum treatment with laser. His knowledge of laser acupuncture give another comfort to the patients in severe pain.

His practice is multidisciplinary where fixed braces, implant dentistry and all the spectrum of laser dentistry (Periodontics, Endodontics and Laser surgery) is practiced.