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Laser Dentistry


What makes our treatment superior

Laser Dentistry is a modern science in which we treat most of the dental problems with the laser light without touching the teeth or gums. This whole procedure is generally pain free and no anesthesia is required in most of the patients. With the grace of Almighty we are the first qualified dentist in Pakistan who offered the dental treatment with laser. We are offering it since 2006.

A dental laser machine is a high-technology device that generates a beam of concentrated light. This beam of light help your dentist remove areas of infection or tooth decay with great precision and accuracy. It reduces the treatment time and eliminates the postoperative pain.

What types of procedures can the laser do?

Almost all the dental treatment procedures can be accomplished with the lasers with more accuracy and  precision.

Why laser dentistry is preferable?

In most of the dental treatment procedures the treatment with laser is painless quick and more efficient.

  • Fillings (For carious teeth) A non laser dentist cut the tooth with a drill that produce a lot of noise, the cutting of the tooth structure is more than that is required and may not very accurate most of the time. whereas with the laser the cutting of the tooth is noise free, pain free, injection free, minimal, no temperature raise inside the tooth during cutting, and very accurate and quick.
  • Root canal treatment (For painful teeth) with the laser the procedure is very quick and we immediately achieve the asepsis within the canals and complete the procedure in single visit most of the time.
  • Gum treatment procedures  scaling and other gum surgery procedures bleeds most of the time and complaint of the post operative sensitivity if carried with the conventional treatment. In gum surgery a surgical knife is required to cut the gums, profuse bleeding may takes place and patient have to suffer from some pain after the procedure whereas in laser dentistry no bleeding, no sensitivity, no surgical blade usage, and no post operative care or medication.
  • Tooth sensitivity (discomfort or pain after eating cold food, drinking cold liquids, or breathing cold air). The usual treatments include fluoride mouthwashes and desensitizing gels that has a transient effect whereas with the laser proved to be a perfect tool for effectively reducing tooth sensitivity and has longer lasting effects than conventional treatments.
  • Mouth Ulcers The conventional treatment for the Mouth ulcers or Aphthae(that are typically round or oval and occur on the inside of the lips or underneath the tongue) consists of local anesthetic gels to reduce the pain, antibacterial mouthwashes or topical corticosteroids. Whereas the application of laser will heal the ulcer within the first 48 hours. In later stages (blistering or crust) over 90% will be cured within 48 hours and all by 4 days. In most cases 2-4 treatments will be required. Studies reveal that patients that have laser therapy for the treatment of herpes also see fewer recurrences when compared to conventional treatments.
  • Teeth whitening  Most common forms of the discoloration of teeth are aging, chemical damage to teeth and staining caused by cigarettes, coffee, cola, tea etc. Existing bleaching agents used in professional teeth whitening systems are extremely time consuming with limited effects. Laser teeth whitening effect is immediate and results are dramatic.


Who should get the laser dental treatment?

Any dental patient who wants the pain free and gentle dental treatment can get this treatment. The people of modern day life who don’t have the ample time for the multiple visits to the dentist, can enjoy the benefits of this treatment. The ideal patients are the people who are diabetic with uncontrolled or difficult to control sugar level, or heart patients using the blood thinner medications like aspirin etc.

Are Lasers Dangerous?

In the hands of a skilled, specially trained dentist, lasers show the charismatic effect. The primary safety measure includes the proper protective eye wear, proper use of the handling instruments and use the internationally designed protocol before treating the patient. We are proud that the machine that we use at our center comply with the international safety standard and our  operating dentist Dr. Ahmed Kabir is the only properly trained laser dental surgeon in the country who has got the Master Degree in laser dentistry from the University of Aachen Germany. He has also been awarded the European Master degree in Oral Laser Applications (EMDOLA), laser safety officer certifications from Germany and Australia.