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Instructions for after getting the braces removed

09022010-braces-offDear Patient,

  •  I would like to thank you for your efforts in helping us treat your teeth. The appliances are off, your smile is delightful, and I trust you are as satisfied as I am.
  •  However, to maintain the finished result, it is imperative that you adhere to your retention schedule. If it’s not followed, your teeth may shift to the extent that retreatment, with additional expense, would be involved. As we discussed, this can be avoided by simply wearing your retainers as directed. My staff and I will help you to adhere to the following guidelines.
  •  For three days, wear the lower retainer full time and upper at night only. They cannot be worn while eating. Replace them as soon as you are finished eating.
  •  After three days, both upper and lower retainers are to be worn at night only. That’s every night.
  •  Clean the “Retainers with “Surf” (washing powder), the commercial cleaner. DON’T brush the appliance with toothpaste. It dulls the brilliance.
  •  If an edge of the retainer irritates your gums, trim with scissors, or file and smooth with an emery board.
  •  If lost, call us immediately. Replacement retainers will be supplied at a cost of Rs.500/- each.
  •  Wear the Retainer during sport activities. It is an excellent, inconspicuous mouth guard.
  •  If you miss a night or two, wear the retainer full time, and bite down to seat it fully. The teeth may be a little sore but should realign. If they don’t, call the office immediately.
  •  Place a bead of fluoride gel or any regular tooth paste that contains fluoride in the retainer once a week (prior to bedtime) and leave it there for half an hour. This makes the teeth stronger.
  •  Visit our clinic after every three months to follow up and do not discontinue its use without my consultation. We may advise to use it at alternative nights later.
  •  Again, my thanks for being a wonderful patient, and be sure to beam that delightful smile on one and all. Until we meet again, remain with friendship,