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Instructions for after getting braces

After having the braces you will feel tenderness on all of your teeth, take a tablet of “Ponston” after every six hours for two days.silver-braces

  •  During the treatment, use of chocolate, chewing gum and other sticky sweets are strictly prohibited. It sticks to the braces and teeth and causes a lot of smell and difficult to remove.
  •  All the hard edibles like corns, pieces of hard flesh, pomegranate etc., are prohibited
  •  If you have the habit of nail biting or any other similar habit, get rid of it, it will dislodge the bracket again and again.
  •  After having the braces, brackets hurt the lips that go after a couple of days. Meanwhile put the given wax on the sharp edges of the brackets. The reason is every body has the habit to close the lips tightly. This habit takes some time to go. If you don’t have the wax, you can keep the clean cotton or a piece of tissue paper over there. It is necessary to change the wax before going to bed. If you feel the ulcers on your lips contact your dentist.
  •  Some times the bracket gets off. If it happens within a week it is better to visit your dentist other wise go on your appointment. Keep the bracket safely and bring while visiting.
  •  If ever you feel that some thin wire is hurting your lip, you can gently press it under the bracket.
  •  The rings inserted on your back teeth are called the “Molar bands”. If ever it comes off, keep it with you and visits our clinic.
  •  It is necessary to take care of your oral hygiene throughout the treatment. Brush your teeth thrice daily. Once after breakfast then after lunch and again after dinner. Continue to use the mouthwash at least once a day. Your carelessness will cause the caries (cavity) on your teeth and you may have to get it filled on an extra cost.
  •  If you are using the special ortho brush it is OK, but if it is not available you can use the ordinary brush. The important thing is not to leave any food on your teeth. You should spend at least two minutes on brushing. Always brush your teeth before visiting the dentist.
  •  If you feel gum bleeding or sensitivity on your teeth, consult your dentist.
  •  It is a good habit to take an appointment for the next visit on every visit. Try to stipulate your appointment otherwise the treatment will be delayed.
  •  It is your duty to take care for the brackets. If you dislodge it again and again or you loose it, it is your carelessness and you will have to pay extra money for it.